Dumping on Dallas: Book ban, Cowboys and AP

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DALLAS, Tx. -- Extra!Extra! Read all about it. Highland Park High School, in the middle of Dallas, just booted seven books from its library. All thanks to parent protests because the books deal with sex, rape, and abortion. Banned during Banned Book Week no less. Hmm...Think there might be a coincidence here? Maybe the parents wanted to celebrate their freedom to read those seven new titles on the banned list. Talk about a plot twist. Read between the lines Dallas.

How`s this for a good read? Sports radio host and columnist Shan Shariff writes, “Adrian Peterson should sign with the Cowboys because Texans are more apt to accept violence against children.” Um...What? Glad you said the Cowboys bud. We don`t stand for that crap in H-Town. What are the Cowboys going to do at AP`s first game? Give away switches? Yo! Shariff...how`s that foot taste? The one in your mouth?

And finally, former Houston Aero staffer, Dennis Soetaert, now works as the Assistant Equipment Manager to the Dallas Stars. In 2003,while with the Aeros, he received a Calder Cup Ring that was recently stolen from his Dallas apartment. Dennis is asking for Dallas to re-tweet a pic around the city in hopes of getting it back. Here`s a call to all Houstonians to do what you can to help. After all, once a Houstonian always a Houstonian, even if you live in Dallas.

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