Governor Perry asks judge to miss court hearing for Europe trip

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AUSTIN, Tx. -- Did you hear Rick Perry is hitting the road again?

Our Governor has stops in Poland, Croatia and Romania on his calendar for next month. He says it’s to encourage foreign investment in Texas.

There’s just a tiny conflict. During Perry’s world tour, he has a date with an Austin judge.

Nope! No romance here since it’s a hearing for the indictment over abuse of power allegedly against the Travis County District Attorney.

So now, his defense team has filed a motion asking for a rain check for the October 13 pre-trial hearing.

Perry would like the hearing to be rescheduled until after October 19, if the judge requires him to attend.

Okay, we’re thinking if you had to choose between a European jaunt, or a cold dark courtroom, most of you would take the trip, right?

Although, Perry should be careful what he wishes for, especially if the judge allows the hearing to go on without him.

The world media likely doesn’t care what he would say on that European trip. If he shows up at the Travis County Courthouse, it’s bound to be another media circus.

And for another day or two, a lot of people will care what Rick Perry has to say.

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