Illinois town celebrates birthday with world’s largest bratwurst, maybe

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BELLEVILLE, IL – If you’re in the mood for something tasty, something that will fill you up nicely, and something that’s considerably longer than average, then you need to visit the fine folks in Belleville, IL, home of Scott Air Force base and, possibly, the world’s largest bratwurst.

Hundreds of folks turned out to celebrate Belleville’s bicentennial and to help set the Guinness world record for the longest bratwurst, 220 feet, 68 feet longer than the current record holder.

"There's no fillers no gluten no nothing just pure pork and its delicious,” said Larry Shubert of Shubert’s Packing.

“We started with a 50-footer for practice. Went to a 100-footer to see how it worked. And this 200-footer is unbelievable.”

Now it’s up to the Guinness folks to verify if Belleville’s brat is, indeed, the world’s largest German sausage.

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