New Miss America says she wasn’t kicked out of sorority for hazing

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LINWOOD, Nj. -- Shakespeare wrote: uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

And right now, that crown rests upon the head of Miss America, Kira “Roadie Cup” Kazanstev.

The Internet is on fire about allegations her Alpha Phi sorority chapter at Hofstra University kicked her out for hazing and abusing pledges.

The irony is that she says she’s all about protecting women against domestic violence.

“Roadie Cup” says she was in charge of new member education and took part in events in 2013 that got the chapter disciplined a few years earlier when she was a pledge.

Kazantsev wrote on her Web page that the sorority kicked her out because she didn’t show up for a hearing about an email someone felt was threatening to pledges.

She denies calling anyone ugly names or taking part in physical hazing or making fun of someone’s looks.

“This has all been immensely taken out of context and manipulated purposefully because i am now in a public position,” she wrote.

The Miss America Organization is standing behind her. It’s not like she’s a role model for young girls or anything.

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