Oklahoma City cops searching for a pacifier sucking carjacker

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok. -- Criminals are the worst, but this guy just plain sucks! Oklahoma City cops are on the lookout for an accused carjacker. But it's not a tattoo, scar or striking hair-do that makes him stand-out, it's something else! Oklahoma police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow says, "The unusual part about this case is, as you can see from the photo's, our suspect has a pacifier in his mouth while committing this crime."

The so-called "Binky Bandit" allegedly robbed and carjacked a man, all while suckling on a pacifier. The man cooperated with Mr. Binky by handing over his car keys and his cash, but this story takes another strange turn the next day.

News crews arrived at the home of the alleged victim the following morning, to discover a bloody trail on his driveway, leading to a vacant home two doors away. A house, neighbors say, was slammed into by another car the day before.

While it's not clear how, or if, the carjacking is connected to this accident, cops claim the alleged victim Antonio Hilbert, is no stranger to trouble. With counts ranging from drug to weapons charges, Hilbert isn't coming off squeaky clean in all this mess. Still, cops say they aren't losing their focus on catching the Binky Bandit. One thing for certain, once the cops catch this "sucker", pacifier or not, he won't be charged as a juvie!

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