Study says women have 10 bad days a year

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DALLAS, Tx. -- Lets face it. We all have bad days, but according to researchers of the vitamin brand Healthspan, women spend an average of 10 days a year in a bad mood!

Hmmm, some men we spoke to beg to differ.

Antonio Mangual- Lane says, "Naa... they got them grumpy, grumpy days like 20 or 30 days out of the year."

The study involving a thousand men and a thousand women who said everyday challenges like bad traffic, failing technology, and feeling fat sent them off the edge.

"I never get my way... I just want one day where I can.. one day!!

Yea, maybe someone needs some alone time, but that's exactly how these women said they coped with being in a huff. While men needed their partner to lift their spirits.

So what helps turn that frown up side down for the ladies???

Emily Howard says, "Read a book or go outside in the sun. The sun tends to help a lot I think"

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