Three-breasted woman story may be busted

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TAMPA, Fl. -– Why do people do what they do, like implanting horns and other objects into their heads?

Or, like Jasmine Tridevil of Florida who decided three is not a crowd when she attached a third breast to her chest

Or did she?

Tridevil, aka Alisha Hessler thinks she’s going to be a reality TV star by showing off her fake boob on the boob tube.

“I figured people would be skeptical, but it's true,” she told a reporter. “I recorded the surgery and it will be on my show.”

But her story may have been busted before it began, thanks to a couple of would-be luggage thieves at Tampa International Airport.

A few weeks ago, airport police recovered her stolen luggage. Inside, they found clothes, high heels, a hairbrush, and three fake boobs.

If she doesn’t get the realty show, she could always try for a movie, something like: The Three-Breasted Woman Meets The Horny Guy. A match made in heaven. Or somewhere.

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