Cyber bullies need their plug pulled

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Remember the good old days when being a ' bully' meant being an idiot out in the open, and everyone knew you.

Now, bullies are off the streets and behind the screen.

The internet troll taunts and teases taking low blows to an even lower level. You know who you are -the person who wrote racial tweets about that kid who wore the mariachi outfit at the Spurs game

The people who say bad things here can lead a kid to commit suicide.

You’re the people who sent Robin Williams’ daughter disgusting pictures after his suicide.

Yes, being a troll is easy, because anyone can be despicable behind a keyboard, but calling someone a loser to their face takes work.

Consider this, I know some of you aren’t fans of Obama and that`s ok, but would you call him an a-hole to his face?  I doubt it! Well, it was easy for one of you to call him that on Facebook reacting to that latte salute.

Is that cyberbullying? I doubt it, but it does show us how so many people think anything goes online despite the fact  that more than 30 states ,including Texas,   have some form of cyberbully law

So, let’s face it, it`s hard to stop cyberbullies, because they hide, which makes them cowards

Remember that it takes 'courage' to read a something from a troll so just turn off the screen.

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