Jobs for jail inmates?

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Thousands of Houstonians were on the hunt for work at a job fair at BBVA Compass Stadium.

Lamont Reed needs a job saying, "I hope they put me in the right position as a quality control technician."

But if you think it`s hard for the average Joe to find a job, imagine what it`s like from behind bars.
At the Harris County Jail they're doing something about it. The Harris County Sheriff`s Office along with HCC teach skills, and help inmates that'll soon be released to find jobs.

Jennifer Herring, Director of Re-Entry Services HCSO, says, "There are many skills that they`re able to get while they`re in jail."
Many inmates take the opportunity head on.

"So when I get out I`ll have a good steady career." said Ajee Jordan who is learning to weld.

"So, I can go out there and have something to show that I`ve been doing something, have a trade and I can use it out there to get a job." according to Leon Edwards.

Lynn Hickman, a welding instructor, works with the inmates and says, ""We`re doing it as part of a rehabilitation for them and I think it`s a very good thing. It gives them an opportunity to learn, to better themselves if they want to when they leave."
And some employers believe in second chances.

Darnise McMorris with SER Jobs For Progress says, "I believe that if we give a persona an opportunity and give them the right way they will never return back to their old life styles, because we`re changing lives one job at a time."

What a great chance for those who`ve made some bad choices to make a good one.