Lamar High School steps up security because of twitter threats

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- These days, with the number of school shootings across the country, any sign of a threat has to be taken seriously, even if it is just a tweet.

Someone sent out a series of threatening tweets Wednesday night, prompting Lamar High School to step up security Thursday morning.

One tweet read "I'm shooting that (expletive) up I'm not playing anymore so for all the pain and misery I'm taking it out on everyone."

Another tweet even said "burn" with a picture of the school.

HISD officials say the threat is probably a prank, but that didn't stop them from heightening security.

Still, for some parents, that wasn't enough so they kept their kids home for the day.

HISD posted a statement on its twitter account saying they're aware of the threats and are working with authorities to figure out who sent them.