Man chokes wife for finishing leftover chicken

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DELTON, Fl. --Today is not Popeye`s two-piece Tuesday, but one Florida woman probably wishes it was because maybe then she could have avoided the wrath of the chicken man better known as her husband.

Desmond Brownlee, 45,  was starving after a night of drinking, so, he did what any drunk Viking would do... he reached for some good old fried chicken.

Only to find out, his wife Shey finished it all.

But, that wasn't going to stop Desmond. He was a man with a pan and a plan, and tried to fry some chicken himself.

But Desmond`s wife teased his cooking skills, and that's when Desmond lost it. Police say Desmond punched his wife in the face, and choked her until she couldn`t breathe.

Fortunately, she was able to break free and she immediately called the cops.

Desmond was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery.

Maybe this chicken should think twice before losing his feathers.