Marine biologists catch rare sea creature on camera

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GULF OF MEXICO - Every week, Weird Science tries to bring you slightly far-out science discoveries. This next story comes to you, from down deep on the ocean floor. Called a Siphonophore, the rare deep-sea creature cause quite a stir from scientists when they first saw it.

Researchers couldn't contain their excitement when they captured this strange creature on their cameras. The reason why this thing looks so odd, is because it's really a large collection of different, teeny-tiny little animals all working together in a colony. Each of the smaller organisms have a specific job to do which ensures the collective Siphonophore moves, eats and breathes. Oh, and by the way, they all need each other because none of the smaller parts can live on their own. Talk about team work!

A relative to the jelly-fish, the most common Siphonophore is the Portuguese Man-O'-War, known for its venomous sting. This new purple-blue beastie, on the other hand, seems to have Team Nautilus scientists baffled.

The footage was recorded in the Gulf of Mexico this past june, using a remote-operated submarine. Though it may not look pretty these scientists sound happy to share to the Weird Science world, this weird creature.

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