Police justified in use of force in deadly Ohio shooting, DOJ will review

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XENIA, Oh - In the case of John Crawford III, a grand jury decided not to indict the officers who shot and killed the 22-year-old in an Ohio Walmart Aug. 5

"The grand jury listened to all the evidence, voted on it, decided that the police officers were justified in their use of force that day," said Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier during a press conference.

A customer called police after seeing Crawford carrying what they believed was a rifle.

"They're told we've got a guy in here with a rifle. He's loading a rifle, and he's pointing it at people," Piepmeier said.

Turns out, it was only a BB gun.

Officers claim they shot Crawford after he refused to obey their orders to put down the weapon.

Since Crawford's death, his family demanded to see the surveillance video, but were told no.

It was finally released yesterday.

"If he did not commit a crime then why is he not here with us?," Crawford's father asked.

Now, the Department of Justice is stepping in.

They'll be conducting their own review of Crawford's death.