Skeletons found holding hands after 700 years

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NEW ENGLAND--They say true love never dies and now their maybe actual proof.

Researchers from University of Leicester were poking around the chapel of a small medieval cathedral; they made a heart melting discovery.

They dug up two skeletons, a man and woman, holding hands that have been resting this way for at least seven-hundred years.

Project Manager Vicki Score says the love bird's remains date back to the fourteenth century.

Although, archeologists aren`t sure why the pair were placed in the same grave, they did uncover more discoveries...both skulls had evidence suggesting the two might have had head lice.

Aside from the bonded couple, archeologist also found eleven more skeletons, but not in the same position as these two.

Goes to show.. 'til death do you part, might not be so true after all.

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