Texas Tech fraternity suspended over inappropriate images

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LUBBOCK, TX – Frat boys sometimes do some weird things, but it’s the really weird things that get them into big-time trouble.

The Web site “Total Frat Moves” apparently broke the story of some nasty stuff at a recent Phi Delta Theta party on the Lubbock campus, stuff no frat boy would want his mama to see.

One photo shows a cardboard cut-out of the lower half of a woman spraying water on anyone who got close.

Yeah, that was in pretty bad taste, but the thing that may have gotten the boys in trouble was this hand-written sign that reads “No Means Yes, and Yes Means (a particular sex act.)”

Well, the fraternity is a Greek organization, after all.

The national organization has suspended the Texas Tech chapter while it probes the incident, and the university is also investigating it.

Back in 2011, Yale suspended one of its fraternity chapters for five years over the “No Means Yes” phrase. And the feds opened a civil rights investigation.

Something tells us this is going to be an unhappy year for some bad boys in Lubbock.