Walmart now offering checking accounts

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Let's face it, we don't go to Walmart for the relaxed atmosphere or the customer service. We go because it's cheap.

Isn't that the kind of company you'd want watching your money? The kind of business who really knows how to pinch pennies? Well, if it is, then you're in luck.

The nation's largest retailer is teaming up with Green-Dot (the company with the pre-paid credit cards) to supply practically anyone over 18, who has a valid I.D., with their very own checking account!

Walmart says there will be no fees for overdrafts or bounced checks, and no minimum account balance.  Want another perk? They're not bothering with vetting potential customers like ordinary banks do.

Considering 10-million households in the U.S. don't use a bank, can those of you sitting on a mattress full of money wait until October to get your assets down to Wally-World?

Either way, just don't expect to zip through any teller lines. If it's a Walmart, then it's a wait. You can bank on it.