Why do criminals like to flee to Texas?

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Grego gives his take on why so many criminals flee to the Lone Star State:

“The suspect, wanted by police in the recent missing University of Virginia student case, Jesse Matthew was arrested in Galveston, camping on the beach!! Thirteen hundred miles from where he was last seen speeding away from cops. Funny, a reporter in Virginia described Galveston as "a remote part of Texas.. not connected with Mexico but it is remote!"  Uhmmm.. not so much..   surprising Matthew was found here??  Maybe not.. this month on a tip the U.S. Marshals' Task Force apprehended 27-year-old Byron Harris, Jr., a suspect wanted for an Ohio homicide, in Smith County, Texas. In June, U.S. marshals nabbed 27-year-old David Malcolm Strickland in Helotes, Texas. He was accused of sexually assaulting and shooting two teen girls in the head in Portland, Oregon in June of 2012.  Biloxi, Mississippi bank robbery suspect Brett Maurice Disiere was apprehended in May 2013 after committing a bank robbery in Conroe, Texas.  February 2012 -a West Palm Beach man going by the name 'Shagg Dogg' - Rashad Emon Clark wanted for sex-trafficking a runaway minor, tracked down and arrested by the FBI in north Houston and others. So, why run to Texas?  I think for many, the idea of the wild west, wide open spaces with places to hide and our border with Mexico, that, like the winds sweeping tumbleweed across the prairie, romance the bad guys near and far, drawing them to the Lone Star state.  Fantasies of picking up a six gun, making a final stand only to go out in a hail of glory! Yeah, exactly what it is.. a fantasy.”