Britain joins U.S. in fight against ISIS

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The fight against ISIS is just heating up.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday, "ISIL have taken territory, they're butchering people in Iraq.  Iraqi, including Qurdish, security forces are already fighting ISIL. We have to decide if we're going to support them, and I believe that we should."

The Uniteed Kingdom  has decided to join the U.S. in fighting ISIS.  It may have taken some time but they've finally come around.  The US and France have already carried out 200 airstrikes in Iraq this week.

"Combined with our ongoing efforts in Iraq, these strikes will continue to deny ISIL freedom of movement and challenge its ability to plan, direct, and sustain its operations," says U.S. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.

Operations, that are highly funded by oil production, which explains the U.S. strategy to attack several oil refineries.  Who knows how long the gunfire will continue, but for civilians caught in the crossfire, the end can't come soon enough.

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