Friday’s viewer feedback

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It's another Friday and that means Grego answers viewer feedback:

Andreq Glenn Ortiz‎-
Grego when you talkin about bad guys in the wild wild west in the Lone Star state made me think of the Lone Ranger

That chick with the three boob hoax.. Kelly Chattom says she should have spent the money on getting her eyes to look straight forward haha

On the iPhone 6plus bending in people's pockets-

Tammy Jackson Barrientes‎- I Just want to say some of the smartest and most successful people I know are tattooed. I personally love tattoos and have many myself.

A shoutout to SHannon Marie, Jose and my freind Adrienne!

Jimmie Captain‎
So sick of some people talking about how disrespectful the prez's latte salute was...WHat about your boy Bush... what about that?? oh let me guess...we forgot.

Andrew Valdez on Twitter says doesn't starbucks know we don't drink beer for the flavor?

Tico Nator‎ NewsFix
I really like your day in pictures section

They'll be plenty of 'em all weekend at 5 and 9p. Thanks for the feedback!

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