Ice cream truck with a twist

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Ready or not, September is coming to a close. And you know what that means: time for another Food Truck Friday.

Here's a question for you, whatever happened to the good-old-fashioned ice cream truck that used to drive through the neighborhood when we were kids? Gone with the wind? Lost to the ages?

Well, one Houston woman is bringing it back -- with a twist. Welcome aboard the Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream Bus.

"I just recently moved back into my childhood home and there wasn't an ice cream truck to be found," owner Susan Sahwani-Garcia explains, "so I wanted to give that back to the neighborhood and it was just something really fun."

It's all your childhood favorites -- bomb-pops, spider-sicles, good ol' fashioned choco-tacos -- combined with flavors you might not have heard of. And Chew on This: the Chocolate Wasted truck is one of few in town featuring local creameries.

Garcia is new to the Houston food truck scene but already making a big splash. And the idea is to bring back the neighborhood ice cream truck from yester-year.

In the mean time, Houstonians have got a lot of eating to do -- one chocolate-covered push-pop at a time.

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