Mom Brings Vagina Cookies to 2nd Grader’s Class

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Forget about “Lady Finger” cookies, how about “Lady Part” cookies?

Believe it or not a mom baked vagina cookies and took them to her second grader’s class.

Mommyish broke the news after Redditor JPstudly posted the story to the subreddit TIFU, or Today I F*cked Up.

She has a female friend that’s a second grade teacher. When her kids have a good week, she rewards them by letting volunteer parents bring snacks in. Well last week one of the moms informed her she was “excited for this opportunity” to bring in some treats, and showed up with a plate of cookies frosted to look like lady bits. And the sprinkles showed all different kinds of lady bits.

Needless to say the teacher informed the mom she couldn’t give these cookies to her students because they’re inappropriate.

Well the mom was not happy. She supposedly started yelling in front of the class about how the teacher “should be proud of (her) vagina” and storms out of the class, leaving the vagina cookies on the teacher’s desk. Still needing a snack the teacher gave the cookies a wax job, scraped off the labia and handed them out.

Meanwhile, the mom was baking up a hateful email to the teacher. Who took screen grabs. She proceeds to go on probably one of the most ant-feminist rants in history. And so hypocritical! She says women “should stand together and inform people about the vagina and how to please it.” But then at the end she informs the teacher she’s taking her kid out of the class due to her “cliché role in life being a teacher and not wanting to empower women.” She closes saying, “I hope you end up with an abusive husband that beats on you every night.”

There are no words! Besides the fact that this mom is a “fruitcake”! Maybe she should’ve baked that instead.

Listen, I’m all about teaching kids about their bodies. And I totally get that a lot of what we feed kids is phallic. But you can’t just show up with a plate of vagina cookies. Could you imagine what the other parents would have done? I mean parents aren’t allowed to bring anything with “nuts”. I guess now they need to stress to parents to “please no baked goods shaped like vaginas.”

I’ll let you chew on this outrageous story for a bit. Trust me it takes a while to digest.

And that’s today's helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.


  • Realife Advise

    The mother to some degree has a point, wrong audience, about women being fearful or ashamed about their bodies. This lady reporting the story on the video can’t even bring herself to say vagina. Obviously, her audience is age-appropriate; yet she refers to vagina as ‘va-j-j.’ Sounds like a term adolescent teens would use.

  • Trina Campbell

    This didn’t even HAPPEN – this is a rumor/story post from reddit. Is the media so parched for actual news that it now takes user posts from reddit and presents them as actual occurrences? Did you get a name, a town, anything? No, just a story, on the internet.

    reddit is supposed to refer to and talk about news stories, not the other way around.

  • fedupforawhilenow

    so sick of women and their “loud mouth opinons” STFU!!!!!!!!! Men you too because ur no better. the end…..

  • Janice Johnstone

    I’m abolutely stunned! Never thought I would ever hear about something like this but it just shows that people will stop at nothing to get attention. I can’t even imagine how the teacher felt seeing those cookies staring back at her! The parent needs to be publicly shamed.

  • Dave Buzza

    So lets spread the controversy even more by posting it all overthe news and internet. Although you have freedom of speech, some tgings just don’t need to be stated. i.e. school shootings, war stories about where our troops are, vagina cookies, terror attacks and child molestation cases. Most people just do these things to get on the news and/or for notoriety. You the media play right into their dreams and cause the problem to grow.

    Another example is how Liberal man of you are. You could be blamed for getting Obama elected and the state of the country currently.

  • Candi

    W………..T…………F…What was she trying to accomplish…seeing the bottom of the sewer in a glass bottom boat here!!

  • Hallux Valgus

    OK, Folks: The cookie baking mother, teacher, news media are all using the incorrect anatomical nomenclature. It is not vagina. The correct name is “Vulva”.

  • Andy C

    Do you have a problem saying “vagina,” or does the word make your (male?) boss uncomfortable, for you have totally infantilized the vagina with your sill vajayjay word. Someone at NewsFix needs to grow up.

  • rabdrake

    Maggie, I might take you seriously if you could say the word, VAGINA. You could even show the actual cookies. Sad what might have been an interesting story was reduced to childishness. Wow use of the term Vajayjay was cutesy, but I would like to see Maggie be allowed some respect and not be a ditsy nut.

  • ShibaGirl

    VAGINA? Are you so sure? It looks to me like they are VULVA cookies. Maybe the person writing should have an anatomy lesson and learn the correct names of the female anatomy.

  • John Andrews

    That woman should be reported to the school board-let them handle it-also the police should be notified and a report written because of harassment of the teacher.

  • Geri

    Hello…don’t write the story if you can’t name the parts correctly. .Those would technically be vulva cookies . VulvA is external , vagina is internal.

  • Brandy Baron

    WHAT THE HELL??? This goes way beyond common liberal stupidity! It sounds like the baker here is severely frustrated because she can’t get anyone to take care of her va J-J.

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