North Korea’s Li’l Kim Jong Un has dropped out of sight

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PYONGYANG, North Korea – Where in the world is Li’l Kim Jong-Un?

North Korea’s diminutive despot has dropped out of sight. No one has seen him out and about for the past three weeks.

He even missed the big Supreme People’s Assembly gig. That’s where all the Beastly Boyz get together for a class photo. This time, they left an empty chair where Li’l Kim would have sat.

The folks who keep an eye on Li’l Kim think he’s sick, maybe with a bad case of gout. That’s because the last time anyone saw him in public, he had gained some weight and he seemed to be limping.

Of course, with Li’l Kim, he could have hurt his leg kicking someone in the head. After all, he executed his uncle and the all the man’s family last December for trying to overthrow the government.

If anyone would know, it might be Dennis Rodman, Li’l Kim’s BFF. Unreliable sources think Rodman has Li’l Kim in a special basketball camp, training the guy to be a shooting guard.

The trouble with that is, of course, that with Li’l Kim, shooting usually involves more than basketballs.

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