San Francisco woman allegedly drives away with a cop clinging to her hood

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Talk about a moving violation! A San Francisco woman was arrested after Bay Area cops claimed she tried to run over a parking enforcement officer giving her a ticket. But instead of stopping, she allegedly took a 12-block joy ride around the city with the cop clinging to the hood of her car, cheesy 80's TV show style!

According to the San Francisco DA's office, 33-year-old Bo Monsoumbath is facing three felony counts; assault, battery and hit and run. Photo's of the mile-long, impromptu police ride-along are going viral, begging the question: Why on earth didn't she stop? According to Monsoumbath, she felt the cop was coming on to her and she felt sexually harassed. The DA's office is looking into those matters.

The little driver entered a not guilty plea and is free on bail until her next court appearance. Let's hope she doesn't run into anymore cops on her way home.

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