Texas could make $166 million by taxing marijuana

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Money talks or laughs, if you're smoking something funny.  Nerdwallet, a personal finance website, says Texas could collect more than 166 million dollars in taxes if recreational marijuana were to be legalized.

Some might even say that estimate of $166 million is pretty conservative, considering that alcohol consumption brought in almost $1 billion in taxes in 2013.  So, how much green can we rake in, if we give the green light to the green leaf?

Colorado is expected to take in $60 to $70 million this year from pot sales.  And now the issue is up for vote in Alaska, Florida, Oregon and Waghington, D. C.  Texas probably has a long way to go, though, but there's still hope. In this region everybody likes higher profits, and that's no tracking joke.