The “Ruff Life” of an 8-month lab-mix

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- It`s hard not to say 'aww' when you look into these big, beautiful, puppy dog eyes.

Meera Nandlal of the Houston SPCA says,  "This is my good friend Reese. She`s just a puppy, she`s 8 months old and her 'ruff life' started when she was picked up by our Houston SPCA 24-hour rescue ambulance."

The lab-mix had a dislocated elbow so she had to wear this pretty padded splint until it healed. We don`t know how she popped it out of joint and Reese didn`t want to tell us.

After recovering for a few weeks at the Houston SPCA, vets removed the splint and Reese was good to go. She made tracks to a foster home where foster mom Melissa pampered the pooch as she continued to recover.

She also got to know Reese`s personality. Melissa Bailey, Reese`s foster mom says,  "She is so friendly. Every person she has to go up and say hi and she`s just dying to play with dogs."

Reese is now 'available for adoption' and is looking for an active family that will take her on lots of walks. If you`re looking for a healthy, happy puppy to do 'the walk of life,' Reese is the dog for you.

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