Hundreds skydive to break record, raise money for Children’s Cancer Recovery Fondation

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Rosharon, TX - Saturday morning, folks down at Skydive Spaceland were trying to break their way into the Guinness Book of World Records for most tandem-jumps in one location.

Drop zone manager Jason Hyder explains, “We need every minute that the sun is in the air to get 500 tandems, maybe 600 tandems up in the air.”

Hundreds suited up from dawn to dusk, flying through the air for a great cause, raising money for the Children`s Cancer Recovery Foundation.

Raising $300 got you a free jump, $500 a jump and video to share with family and friends. But Holly Price with CCRF was excited that, ”… people have gone way above that amount on their fundraising efforts…. right now we`re above $30,000 and we`re still going.”

For Chad Barrett on this first flight out, it`s about giving back.

Chad shares, “On August 23rd, 2010 our then 8 year old daughter Kristina was diagnosed with a rare cancer. She battled it for four years, and she passed away on June 21st of this year. When she did Children`s Cancer Recovery Foundation was there, they helped us with medical bills, and really brought comfort … I really want to help CCRF reach out to other families like they did ours.”

So what`s it like taking that leap?

Chad said it’s best described as “…all the happy feelings that you can ever think of wrapped into one intense moment when you step off the plane, you don`t think about anything else, you don`t have any other worries.”

But what goes up must come down. After nailing the landing Chad shared, “It was a blessing jumping with my STP trainer here Ira Pardo, and for CCRF and my daughter Kristina.”

One after the other, planes took off filled with thrill seekers. But perhaps the biggest thrill is knowing you`re helping out.


UPDATE: They did it!  With a new record of 286 tandem jumpers in one location in one day, Spaceland Skydive and the CCRF have crushed the previous record of 251.  Congratulations to everyone!