Eleven-year-old saves mom’s life by shooting stabber

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok. -- A mother will do anything to protect her children, but who knew kids had the same instinct?

Jayda Milsap is an 11-yr-old hero from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The little girl saved her mom's life by shooting a man who was stabbing her mom.

Cops say the 25-year-old assailant, Leonardo Henry, broke into his ex-girlfriend's house and started attacking Brandy Moreno, stabbing her in the eye, neck, and chest.

Jayda saw what was going on and her fighter instincts kicked in.

She grabbed a handgun and shot the the guy twice.

Henry tried to get away, but police caught up with him after he collapsed in the street.

He was taken to a hospital in serious condition and will be on his way to the slammer real soon.

The mom is expected to be okay.

As for Jayda, she probably won't face any charges.

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