Oklahoma cop wishes she would have cut down beheading suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Nolen may have tried to convert co-workers to Islam. Now the FBI is investigating whether the 30-year-old was pushing the religion.

Nolen is accused of beheading Colleen Hufford and wounding another at a food processing plant. Police say he had just been fired when he went to the front office and slaughtered her.

The barbaric killing caused one Oklahoma state trooper to recall a run in with nolen in 2010. During a routine traffic stop, Lt. Betsy Randolph realized he was on the run. As she moved to cuff him, things turned violent.

"In a split second, he exploded out of the car, hit me in the chest and pushed me back," said Randolph. And just like that, he was on ther run again. Police caught up with Nolen 12 hours later.

Now, after hearing of the vicious killing he`s charged with, Randolph says the one thing you never really hear cops say: "I wish I had killed him. You know? I -- I never -- I was never afraid of him or I would have."

The guilt overwhelms Randolph, who could never have predicted the terror Nolen would inflict on a community on a community she works so hard to protect.

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