Cops bust taco truck selling meth

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DENVER, Co. -- Foodies, you may want to think twice next time you're on a culinary adventure because you could find yourself down a toothless path with a meth addiction.

Yeah, that's what was going on at a taco food truck in Denver, Colorado. According to police the driver was beefing up its tacos with more than just meat. He was using meth! Authorities say some customers who wanted more than a taco fix would walk up and order a meal with a side of meth.

Police say Oscar Ruvalcaba would transport the drugs from Mexico to Colorado. He would then hand off the drugs to Juan Carlos Gonzales, the kingpin, and his aunts, Monica Gonzalez and Luz Gonzalez who were the main distributors.

Cops seized fifty pounds of meth in the food truck and another forty pounds in Oscar`s Mini Coop engine. The drugs had a street value of $750,000.

Fifteen people were arrested, and cops are still looking for two more people.

Maybe next time these crooks will talk about the consequences of selling meth before crossing the border.

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