Bar patron shoots and kills 2 suspected armed robbers

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HOUSTON, TX - A couple shots at the bar is a way to start the weekend; but not the kinda shots that leave two people dead.  That's what happened early Saturday morning at a bar near Kuykendahl and Colwell.  Cops say four men ran into the bar demanding everyone to get on the floor.

"An unknown patron with a firearm and an exchange of gunfire occurred where 2 suspects were struck and killed at the scene," says Sgt. Robert Spurgeon, with Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Sounds like something out of an old western movie.  Cops haven't confirmed who the shooter is, but our cameras spotted a lady with paper bags taped over her hands; something cops do when they want to check for forensic evidence, like gunpowder.

No word if anyone else in the bar was injured.  As for the other two suspects, they got away.  With the tables turned on them, losing two partners in crime to an unexpected shot has gotta be hard to swallow.

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