Adrian Peterson linked to another scandal?

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MINNESOTA, Minnesota — Seems like the only thing Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is scoring these days is scandal!

A recent investigation into the football star suggests his indictment for child abuse is only one of many troubling aspects of his past. He’s been suspended from the team pending that investigation.

Now comes news from the Minneapolis-Star Tribune that Peterson’s “All Day Foundation” (which shutdown after his arrest last month) didn’t appear to donate money to the few charities it claims to support in its financial report.

In 2009 “All Day Foundation” reports donating $70,000 dollars to “Straight From The Heart Ministries” in Maryland. Problem is, they say they never received the donation.

The newspaper also examined Peterson’s several run-ins with the law, in Minnesota and Texas, involving some naughty nighttime business.

In 2011, Peterson was investigated after a night of sex that involved him, his underage brother, another relative and four women.  Wowzas- talk about a family affair!

And it gets worse, apparently the wild rendezvous was paid for by a company credit card designated for his charity. Come on dude!

Lucky for him, no charges were ever filed.

Maybe someone needs to explain to Peterson the different types of “giving and receiving”… because it sounds like the type of “work” he’s been up to is far from “charitable”!

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