Dallas Ebola patient receives experimental drug

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DALLAS, Tx. — What do you do when a deadly disease like Ebola creeps into your state? Set up a task force, what else?

“Today I issued an executive order creating the Texas task force on infectious disease preparedness and response,” Governor Rick Perry said.

Great, now we’ve got a task force to make plans for the future, but what about the task at hand?

Well, the Ivy Apartment, where four people who had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan were quarantined, is now safe – according to a VP from the Cleaning Guys.

“We have totally cleaned the apartment. From the ceilings to the floors, removed everything out of the apartment,” VP Brad Smith said. “Carpet, drapes, blinds.”

Hmmm, so where is all that stuff going now?

“Another entity is going to take care of where it’s going and what’s going to be done with it,” Smith said.

Meanwhile, several Dallas Independent School District school received temperature scanning equipment from the Dallas based company Wello – which will be used to check students who feel sick.

As for Duncan, he’s still in critical condition, but is now receiving an investigational medication –brincidofovir – not to be confused with ZMapp which is way easier to pronounce.

And the 5th American to contract Ebola, freelance cameraman Ashoka Mukpo, was flown to a Nebraska Hospital for treatment after being diagnosed in Liberia while shooting for NBC news. Scary news for hospital workers, in Spain, a nurse who treated an Ebola victim in a Madrid hospital has now tested positive.
AS for preventing more cases in the U.S – some believe the answer is simple.

“…stop travel to the United States not just from there, but also understanding the African travel goes to Europe and other places,” Representative Pete Sessions said.

Seems like folks won’t rest until they know the U.S. is an Ebola free zone.

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