One US airman dead, two missing after typhoon hits Japan

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OKINAWA, Japan – Japan’s typhoon Phanfone has come and gone, but not before killing one US airman, and possibly two others, when it swept through the country this weekend.

Searchers found the body of one of the airmen stationed in Okinawa. He was among four airmen washed out to sea while taking pictures of the big waves hitting the beach on the island.

One of the group made it to shore alive, but the other two are still out there somewhere.

A Japanese surfer is also missing.

The storm has moved on out to the pacific, but it caused the usual chaos that comes with sustained winds of 131mph.

Officials advised more than 1.2 million people to leave their homes, and ordered more than 7,000 to evacuate.

The government also closed schools and canceled more than 400 domestic flights.

The typhoon follows last week’s deadly eruption of Mount Ontake, and suspended the search for about a dozen hikers.

The typhoon’s rain mixing with volcanic ash increases the chances for dangerous mudslides that could turn fatal for anyone in their paths.

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