Texas Showdown: what’s it all about?

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Grego tries to analyze what's behind the rivalry of Texas cities Houston and Dallas:

"In overtime by a field goal, Dallas wins 20-17 over the Texans, so the Cowboys earn bragging rights over what was billed as the Texas Showdown! The sports guys are picking it apart and players are taking responsibility, but overall a hard fought effort by both teams. Texas is such a big football state you can understand the sports rivalry, but ever since I got here in 1989, (as soon as I could) trying to understand the rivalry between the cities of Dallas and Houston has been confusing, and we know it gets nasty! I`ve lived in both places, and like and dislike aspects of both. An article by Tom Powers in 'D Magazine' last year tried to explain the reason behind this competition as Dallas and Houston being too similar to get along as he compared money, history, universities, airports, shopping and more. I really don`t know if that`s it. What do you think? I`ll just say what I almost tweeted after yesterday`s game but couldn`t in 140 characters. Rivalry aside we are all Texans, residents not the team, in my opinion the best state to live in if you want to experience real freedom, where opportunity exists (as proven by why folks are flocking here), with hardworking, mostly well-intentioned, family-minded, good people, who if a crisis occurred in either place would come to the aid of the other! #itsatexasthingyall"

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