William and Kate warn paparazzi to back off Prince George

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LONDON, ENGLAND - Palaces, polo matches and private jets.

It's hard out here for a prince!

Poor Prince George!

14-months old, and he's already dealing with the pressures of fame!

Like the paparazzi.

Apparently, a couple of shutterbugs have been buggin' Prince Poops-A-Lot and his nanny, while they galavant in the public parks.

That has forced lawyers for the royal parents to fire off letters to two paps, telling them to back off, man!

You see, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, just want the heir to the British throne to have 'as normal a childhood as possible.'

Will and Kate have also thanked the British press for not publishing the paparazzi pics.

The idea of photogs creeping around trying to get pictures of defenseless babies would make any parent sick to their stomach.

And that's no help to Prince Georgie's Mum!

Kate's got another royal bun in the oven and she's once again suffering from acute morning sickness.

Hopefully, the paps will pay attention to the letter, because they wouldn't want the Queen to get involved, now would they?

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