Woman caught stealing from cars claims she was looking for ISIS

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HURLEY, Ms. -- Cops claim Lisa Carol Roche, 41, from Hurley, Mississippi stole from cars in a school parking lot. But according to Roche, she wasn't really stealing, she was only looking for members of ISIS.

Roche is accused of burglarizing cars at her own children's high school, taking stuff like sunglasses and other personal items from the students' vehicles. Cops aren't really sure how stealing would've helped Roche hunt down terrorists like she claims, but that didn't stop Roche from using ISIS as her alibi anyway.

This new charge of commercial burglary, along with previous charges of careless driving, felony fraud and felony embezzlement, can land Roche a five-year prison stay and a fine of $10,000 bucks if convicted.

Patriot or petty thief? You be the judge. But Homeland Security's motto has always been "If you see something, say something". Nowhere does it say "take something!"

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