Buzz kill: 20-year study shows smoking pot is bad

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LONDON, England -– Back in the day, and that would be “way back in the day”, films gave us the terrible truth about drugs, and especially about the evils of the evil weed.

Although some states, like Colorado, have legalized pot for personal or medical use, some new info has come out that may have the hold-outs saying “We told you so.”

British researcher Wayne Hall says he has facts to back up the terrible truth.

Hall spent 20 years studying pot users and concluded that one in six teens get hooked on weed, and that it impairs intellectual development among heavy teenage users, who also do worse in school.

Hall also says his study found that pot smoking doubles the risk for developing schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

And ten percent of adults who get high regularly end up using harder drugs.

This terrible truth may be a buzz kill for people hoping to legalize pot smoking, but for hard core stoners, it’s just another researcher blowing a lot of smoke.