Car crashes into diners at a Miami outdoor café

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MIAMI, Florida -– A zombie at the drive thru window is something you don’t expect, except maybe around Halloween.

Something else you don’t expect is to be munching your lunch at a sidewalk café in Miami, only to discover you’re in the middle of a drive-thru.

Security cameras caught the scene just as a car crashed into a row of tables outside Lemoni Pizzeria Saturday. The accident knocked people around, injuring at least ten, police say, including children. At least one woman appeared to be pregnant.

Paramedics pulled the 71-year-old driver from the car. His wife was a passenger.

He says he lost control when he applied the brakes.

Police say he was driving without his glasses, and that speed may have contributed to the accident.

City officials also say the restaurant did not have a permit to operate an outdoor café.

Luckily no one was killed in this drive thru version of meals on wheels.