Grandmother dresses as witch to beat granddaughter

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok. -- Halloween is around the corner and people are getting into the spooky spirit. They're practicing their ghouls, goblins, and witch impersonations, but police say Geneva Robinson, 49, took her acting too far.

It all started when she took her 7-year old granddaughter to the hospital. Geneva told hospital workers she just couldn't control the little girl anymore, but doctors noticed the girl had burns and bruises on her body, so they called the cops.

The girl said her grandma would put on a green mask and witch hat and call herself witch Nelda. Then she'd take a pink dog leash, tie her hands together and hang her up in the garage. Witch Nelda would then beat her--claiming it was creatures in the attic.

Joshua, who lives in the supposed house of horrors, dispels the girls claim. He said the girl is a troubled child and Geneva never hit her, but, cops found evidence that suggest differently.

Police found evidence at the scene that corroborated with what the girl was saying. Geneva was arrested and charges are still pending. Hopefully this wicked witch of Oklahoma will be melting in jail for a long time.