Lab grown penises will soon become a reality

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WINSTON-SALEM, NC - Having trouble with your man part down there? Let science lend a helping hand, by having scientists grow one for you in a laboratory. Researchers at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have concocted a way to bioengineer human "tallywhackers" in test tubes. They're claiming their "frankenweenies" are bound to be the next big thing.

By using the inside of a donor's penis as a sort of "scaffold", cells taken from the recipient patient are then grown over the structure. Four to six weeks later, you get a lab-grown "johnson" just waiting to be transplanted.

Researchers hope to help men who have suffered traumatic injury, cancer or genital birth defects. So far, the team's made six organs, which are all being tested for safety, function and durability. The penis-makers are waiting for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration and plan on human testing within five years.

Hard to believe, man-made members in half a decade! And still no cure for the common cold.