Man searches for wife’s dentures in dumpster and gets stuck

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WAUKESHA, Wisconsin -- They say love can make you do some crazy things, but this is definitely one for the books.

One man in Waukesha, Wisconsin got stuck in a dumpster after going on a denture adventure behind a Dunkin' Donuts.

Apparently, an elderly couple stopped by the doughnut shop earlier that day, but came back when they realized the wife misplaced her dentures.

The husband went to check a garbage can inside the store only to find out the trash had already been dumped, so he started searching in the dumpster.

But as he was standing on a pallet, he fell in.

Luckily, firefighters were able to get him out without any injuries.

Even after the rescue, firefighters and police helped the man look for the dentures, but still no sign of the missing chompers.