‘Pretty Woman’ Dress Code Assembly Stirs Controversy

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Dress code lesson gone wrong! A North Dakota high school is accused of “slut shaming” female students by allegedly comparing them to a prostitute.

Recently, Principal Ryan Hanson of Devils Lake High School announced a new school dress code for female students, banning them from wearing skinny jeans, leggings or yoga pants to school. Hanson claimed the attire was “too distracting”.

In order to emphasize the importance of a dress code an assembly was held for the female students. During the assembly, two female teachers showed students clips of "Pretty Woman," you know that movie where Julia Roberts plays a prostitute. After the clips, a teacher leading the assembly reportedly compared the female students to Robert’s character, according to local outlet Valley News Live.

The teacher who led the assembly insists that the purpose of showing the clips was to emphasize how much the way you dress affects how others perceive you.

Well students and parents are furious, saying that the school went too far. And why is it that only the girls are singled out?

Honestly, I agree that schools should have a dress code. And just like female students shouldn’t be allowed to wear yoga pants or leggings as pants, male students shouldn’t be allowed to wear baggy pants. Why? Because, I’ve always been taught you dress the part, or dress for success.

Now, showing clips of Pretty Woman and comparing girls to a hooker, that lesson plan deserves an F. The school is essentially sexualizing the female students and says it is their fault that male students can’t focus because of them.

I’m beginning to think uniforms are looking better and better.

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