Real bravery comes from “Death with Dignity Act”

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Grego sounds off on Oregon's "Death with Dignity Act."

"Do fear and paranoia ever get the best of you?  What if I can't find work? Is there a 9/11 style terror attack coming?  Ebola, the enterovirus, will I or my children be effected?  It sucks because it can rob your carefree desire for new life experiences, giving way to dread and apprehension (with odds like hitting the lottery or getting struck by lightening!). But we catch ourselves, muster up the courage, face our fears head on and mostly live to tell about it.  Real "bravery" however is being shown by Brittany Maynard, 29, because she's chosen November 1, two days after her husband's birthday as the day she will die.  Suffering from the deadliest form of brain cancer, she will end her own life which Maynard says is less terrifying than the predicted pain as her tumor grows.  With Oregon's "Death with Dignity Act," doctors will inject her with medicine that will give her a 'peaceful and painless' ending, but talk about real guts, agreeing to a date with death when you don't want to die, but must because there's no cure for what's killing you?  Wow!  Suddenly worrying about anything, especially all the "what if's" we grind on pales in comparison.  I'm taking a cue from Brittney's courage, I need it.  In these scary uncertain times we all do.  Keep living fully and happily while you can with no fear!"