Starbucks refuses to let pregnant woman use restroom

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PHOENIX, Az. - A pregnant woman is boycotting Starbucks, and no, not because she's cutting out caffeine, but because she wasn't allowed to use the bathroom.

Apparently, she was in downtown Phoenix with her husband, when she really had to use the that "someone's pressing on my bladder" way that pregnant women are really familiar with!

She went to a nearby Starbucks, and asked the barista for the keycode for the restroom... but he wasn't havin' it.

Finally, she went to get her husband who offered to pay for anything if he let her use the bathroom "first."

The barista still refused and threatened to call the cops.

So --- the confused and no doubt frustrated couple left and used the restroom at a nearby Subway.

Starbucks has since apologized- and released a statement saying the employee's reaction was unacceptable.

Hey, we understand rules are rules, but a little common courtesy and understanding could've helped "a latte".