Airports Step Up Ebola Screening

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The threat of Ebola isn't over, but as of Saturday, there's one more layer of protection for
U.S. citizens against the disease.

CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden says, "We're stepping up protection for people coming into this country and for American's related to travel." JFK International Airport, in New York, is the pilot for the process.

Newark, Washington Dulles, Atlanta and Chicago O'Hare will begin screening passengers who arrive from effected countries in West Africa in the coming week.

This means checking passengers for symptoms, asking questions about their travel history,  and checking for fevers with non-contact thermometers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection are taking the lead, doing exams in designated areas, and an on-site CDC public health officer will step in at the first red flag.

When you're dealing with a monster of a disease like Ebola, you can never really be too careful.