Hey guys! Study finds that size really does matter

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HOUSTON, Tx. -– It’s no secret. There’s one question all guys ask: Does size matter?

And the answer appears to be YES.

But in this case, giving your girlfriend the big one may not be a good thing.

A study from Emory University suggests the bigger the diamond engagement ring, the shorter the marriage.

Researchers found that men who spent under two grand for the ring were more likely to stay married longer than dudes who dropped between two and four thousand.

Yes and no, maybe.

Elizabeth Taylor had big ones and also had lots of husbands, some more than once.

But things seem to be going okay for a couple of royal ladies we know who have some pretty sizable assets.

But bling isn’t the only important thing.

Weddings that cost more than 20 grand, are nearly 4 times more likely to end in divorce compared to wedding costing between 5 and 10 thousand.

And, that’s the long and short of this study about wedding rings and things.