Michigan cops raid wrong house, shoots couple’s dog

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FLINT, Michigan -- A couple in Michigan is suing a state investigator after they say he shot their dog in the face, while raiding the wrong house.

Erica Morena and Kattie Putnam say they were inside their house, when a group of police surrounded their home.

When Putnam went outside to see what was going on, she found out the cops were looking for a fugitive who was staying in the house next door.

To help clear up the confusion, Putnam went inside to get her ID and she says that's when she heard a gun shot.

Her 15-year old dog Chloe had been shot in the face and if that's not bad enough, the cop allegedly fired again, but luckily that round missed Chloe.

Because of the crazy mix-up, Chloe's had three surgeries and lost part of her tongue and a canine tooth.

Fortunately, Chloe didn't have to find out if all dogs really do go to heaven.