Police kill another black teen in Missouri, protests gather in Ferguson

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Ferguson, MO - After another police involved shooting leaves one more black teen in Missouri dead, protesters gather in the streets of Ferguson yet again.

Vonderrit Myers was shot and killed in St. Louis during a confrontation with police earlier this week.

Police spotted something suspicious, and so they confronted Myers.

Sam Dotson, St. Louis Police Chief says in a press conference, "There was a physical altercation between the officer and the suspect where they were hands on.. They were fighting the suspect comes out of a grey hooded sweatshirt during the struggle....Runs up. A hill turns toward officer files at least three shots towards officers .. Officer defends himself and returns fire..."

A weapon has been recovered, but ballistics testing is still out.

Only two months ago, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed teen Michael Brown, and protestors here are still demanding justice.

Demonstrations are expected to last throughout the weekend.




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  • D B

    I say just leave them all alone and don’t bother to go to help when they call for help…..let them kill each other off. Tired of hearing about all these officers getting hung because a bunch of black thugs all of a sudden become saints when they get their butts shot. They are nothing but a bunch of street thugs that don’t have the mentality nor education to do anything but carry guns and holler their favorite word “RACISM”.

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