Can Halloween decorations go too far?

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- Halloween can be a scary holiday, but does fright night sometimes go 'too' far?

Some folks in Pittsburgh say one man over did it.

His lawn is decorated with baby dolls that look dead, with some in cages and some without heads!

But what's terrifying to one can be a good time for another...

Homeowner Joe Dauria says, "It`s fun. It`s just done in the spirit of Halloween. It`s not meant to offend anybody. It`s done to make people laugh and give them something to look at."

In Pittsburgh, there`s nothing restricting decorations, but closer to home, in Missouri City`s Quail Valley north subdivision that`s not the case.

Don Braley says, "We generally, at least here, look out for children. It`s a children`s thing and we don`t want to scare them, and as far as neighbors we don`t want a nuisance for our neighbors."

Braley says he can back it up saying, "It is against the law in our subdivision. We want to protect these little ones...these impressionable, vulnerable minds to such displays."

Who decides what`s too scary? Guess that`s up to the neighbors... but if you`re looking for adrenalin rush... there are always the haunted houses.

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