FBI won’t confirm if law enforcement, media are terror targets in US

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HOUSTON, Tx.  -– Here are some journalism questions floating around today. What and Who do members of law enforcement and the news media have in common?

The answers: they apparently are both potential targets of Islamic State, or ISIS, or maybe terrorist sympathizers in the US.

CNN posted a tweet that unidentified law enforcement officials told them the FBI and homeland security issued the warning in a bulletin.

But the FBI won’t confirm the bulletin, saying only in an e-mail response that “We do not comment on law enforcement sensitive bulletins that are not intended for public release.”

Apparently members of the public threatened by terrorists are not in the loop for sensitive information about their future safety and security. Go figure.

The people in Kobani, Syria, don’t need the FBI, or anyone else, to tell them that they’re smack-dab in the middle of ISIS’ target.

This is smoke from a massive explosion in Kobani, rising more than 300 feet in to the sky, as seen a few miles away in Turkey.

And just west of Baghdad, Iraqi officials say they need American combat troops or else Ambar province will fall to ISIS, which controls about 80 percent of the territory.

Government leaders describe the situation as “very bad”.

It seems someone forgot to tell the Iraqis that Uncle Sam doesn’t have combat troops there anymore.

So it looks like their bad situation is only going to get worse.

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